What time is it ????

      Did you notice the temperature on the clock??

Truckee is known for low temps – 15 degrees this morning…   It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Tahoe!

Lots of folks will be visiting.  Truckee has a parking enforcemnt commission and requires paid parking.  Our parking enforcement officer Doug is a very pleasant person and helps people every time he can. In Downtown Truckee –  PAY TO PARK 10am to 6pm DAILY including Holidays (except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are FREE Parking Days)   FREE 2-HR Parking at the Beacon Lot 10am to 6pm     FREE Overnight Parking at the Beacon Lot 6pm to 10am.  You generally get a 15 minuteg grace period before the black book comes out and

you have an expensive note on your windshield. There is “Free” parking on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Parking fees are $ .25 for 10 minutes (whod could do anything in Truckee in ten minutes?) or $1.50 an hour.  Don’t get caught parking in the Post Office Parking Lot or

your car will be missing!  All in all I feel it’s worth 5 bucks for an afternoon in Truckee!!  Enjoy our town!


Where in “Tahoe” would you like to live??   Have a great Easter Weekend!  There are several Easter Services in the Basin! 






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