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Raising Chickens in Truckee

Chickens are curious

I can see you!

It’s too cold. We get to much snow. Where will they live? Last year a guy named Guy, decided he wanted chickens, and he lives in a town at an altitude of about 6500 feet. Truckee can get upwards of ten feet of snow a year.  What do chickens think of snow?  So off to Reno goes “Guy” to buy some baby chickens.  You can buy chickens in these modern times that are pre-sexed as pullets so you are only raising hens and no roosters.  Guy buys nine itty bitties. Now chicks come in all colors and shapes so he gets three Ameraucanas (they lay green eggs), three Delawares (they lay brown eggs), three Rhode Island Reds (also brown eggs), and three Wyndottes.

The horse stall out by the pasture was just being used for storage so Guy turns the horse stall into a Hen House. And raising chickens in Truckee becomes reality.  Guy was visiting a website and noticed some more interesting chicks. So in the overnight mail at the Truckee Post Office arrived six Australorpes. They are black chicks from Australia.   Did you know you can buy chickens that are specifically better in cold weather?  All of these  breeds do well in cold weather.

All went well, until late fall when very early in the morning the dogs were nerverous.  Guy goes out to the hen house to find the door ripped open and some of his precious girls missing.  Truckee is Bear country and Sir Bruin decided he was hungry.  Six of the girls were Bear Breakfast.  Now, the Hen House is wired with an electric fence and ten new itty bitties are growing up to give

Guy Green, Blue and Brown Eggs.

Growing Up in Truckee

Growing Up in Truckee

Presents for you


Can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

What time is it ????

      Did you notice the temperature on the clock??

Truckee is known for low temps – 15 degrees this morning…   It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Tahoe!

Lots of folks will be visiting.  Truckee has a parking enforcemnt commission and requires paid parking.  Our parking enforcement officer Doug is a very pleasant person and helps people every time he can. In Downtown Truckee –  PAY TO PARK 10am to 6pm DAILY including Holidays (except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are FREE Parking Days)   FREE 2-HR Parking at the Beacon Lot 10am to 6pm     FREE Overnight Parking at the Beacon Lot 6pm to 10am.  You generally get a 15 minuteg grace period before the black book comes out and

you have an expensive note on your windshield. There is “Free” parking on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Parking fees are $ .25 for 10 minutes (whod could do anything in Truckee in ten minutes?) or $1.50 an hour.  Don’t get caught parking in the Post Office Parking Lot or

your car will be missing!  All in all I feel it’s worth 5 bucks for an afternoon in Truckee!!  Enjoy our town!


Where in “Tahoe” would you like to live??   Have a great Easter Weekend!  There are several Easter Services in the Basin! 





Just across the tracks….

A great day in the office, but it’s time for lunch —-
So let’s walk from my office across the tracks to JAX!

JAX AT The TRACKS is a Diner brought to Truckee in 1992 by San Francisco Restaurateur Robert Carey.

 This original diner was moved from Philadelphia 3600 miles on a flatbed trailer.  It’s said that because of some Highway restrictions on the Philadelphia Turnpike, the diner went to jail for awhile.  It’s original name was the Birmingham Grille, a 1948 Kullman Diner.  It finally made it to Truckee, was totally re-furbished and a retro addition to add more seating with the great style of the orginal.  It’s always been known for great specials, and was showcased by Guy Fieri of Food Network!

While having lunch I stumbled upon some locals having lunch.  They’ve lived in Truckee for over 30 years and according to KenCl “this is their new hangout”.   You need to checkout the daily specials — Chicken Pot Pie,  Monte Cristo Sandwich and the old standby the Triple Decker Club.  Jax has homemade breads and jams.

Locals get 10% of their fare and so do those who Yelp or Facebook the Diner from their table

– so show the world how great the food is and you get a deal!

While enjoying lunch, I spoke with SarahLise, the General Manager.  She was getting ready to sample some new beers in anticipation of some exciting changes and events.  This summer will showcase beer tastings at the new outside beer garden.  Be sure to stop by and sample the new summer menu.  The staff is very friendly and willing ready to serve you!  My favorite breakfast is the Crab Cake Benedict – yom, yom, yom!   What’s your favorite breakfast?

I bet they can make it….   Check out the menu at:    I’m meeting Sargent Joe Friday tomorrow……..


What happens after 5 PM….

  Truckee truly is a small town….

The first Tuesday of each month is “Book Club”, and the bookworms (9 special ladies) come out about 6 pm to share some tapas, some wine and some really good books.  Cats like books and especially book bags….

The traveling  bookcase moves from house to house with as many as 30 books to choose from…

we talk about the books we’ve read and pass them on.  The hostess provides an appetizer, libations and dessert – as well as providing three books of her choice to add to the inventory. It’s said (according to Slate) that beginning in the mid-18th century in England, motivated women of means and leisure began hosting salons for each other at home, inviting (male) luminaries of the day over to serve as keynote guests.   We try to purchase our books from our local Bookseller. The original store started in Truckee as Bookshelf at Hooligan Rocks.  It’s a great store with incredible variety.  Visit Bookshelf at   Do you belong to a book club??  For something else interesting visit


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