Basic Info on the 2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

There are all kinds of great incentives that have recently been created for first time home buyers. The purpose of these plans is to stimulate the U.S. housing market & boost the real estate market. The most recent tax credit provides first time home buyers with a credit of $8,000. For more information on who qualifies for this tax credit and how it works, click on the link below!

First TFirst Time Home Buyerime Home Buyer Tax Credit

Are Mello Roos Tax Deductible?

A commonly asked question concerning Mello Roos is whether or not they are tax deductible.  Mello Roos are established by local government agencies in order to collect community funding. The article below gives more information whether or not Mello Roos are tax deductible for your peronal income tax returns. The article also discusses some of the local benefits of Mello Roos. Click on the image below for an enlarged version of the information.

Mello Roos