Do You Smell Smoke?

The Tahoe National Forest comprises over 1300 square miles.  The area near Truckee is managed by the Truckee Ranger District.  According to Linda Ferguson, (District Fuels Management Officer) at the Ranger Station, there will be several Spring Prescribed Burns in the Tahoe area.  The goal of the “Prescribed Burns” is to clear the build up of hazardous fuels and increase ecological vegetation on the forest floor.  This procedure lessens the chance of some of the devastating wildfires we have seen in the past.

The current cooler temperatures and ground fuels beginning to dry make it possible to carry a low-intensity fire for prescribed burning. All prescribed fire projects are conducted with an approved prescribed fire burn plan.  Burn plans describe the specific conditions that will be conducted according to weather, number of personnel and opportunities to minimize smoke impacts.  Smoke from these burns may linger in the area for several days.

The Forest Tahoe National ForestService works with the California Air Resources to minimize the impact during these burns.

The burns will take place at Stampede Reservoir – about 150 acres, Highway 89 North near Klondike Flats – about 500 acres and Russel Valley – about 500 acres.

Sometimes we have to live with a little smoke to have a healthier forest to enjoy later.

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